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Sophie Guzman

Sophie Guzman
Optometric Vision Therapist

Sophie is passionate about helping others build their abilities and reach their goals.

Sophie earned her Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience from St. Edward's University because of her specialized interest in Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). She is a 3x survivor of TBI's and brings experience, encouragement, and empathy to every session.

Healing is possible, and improvements can happen, she's lived it!

Most recently, Sophie has felt the incredible healing powers of Syntonics Light Therapy to help remedy chronic light-sensitivity. For the first time in over 3 years, she drove home without being bothered by the bright headlights from other cars!

A true breakthrough. Sophie is invested in helping you achieve your own breakthroughs! Sophie is an on-going learner and eager to keep up with the latest research in the scientific community.

Beginning in 2016, she began building skills in the field and is now a certified Practitioner of The Structure of Intellect. This experience taught Sophie unique ways to help patients of all ages learn memory strategies, sensory integration abilities, among other learning related skills. In

Sophie's spare time, she loves painting, reading, and watching documentaries. Her favorite book is "This Is Your Brain on Joy" written by Dr. Daniel Amen.

The way she sees it: "Believe in the power of your neuroplasticity. There is hope after head injury!"