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Meet our optometric team in Austin, Texas. We offer comprehensive vision therapy and myopia management services to clients of all ages - all with personalized attention and a smile.

In our office, every patient is treated warmly as individualized attention is the foundation of our care. We are dedicated to optimizing the results of vision therapy and myopia management for all our patients!

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Meet Our Optometrists Near You

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Dr. Denise Smith OD

Dr. Denise Smith is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Center for Vision Development. While she is an optometrist by trade, she is an optimist at heart and has devoted her entire career to diagnosing and treating functional visual disorders that negatively affect people's lives. She believes that no matter how difficult or complex things are, there is always something that can be done to make things better. As a Developmental Optometrist, she gives her patients options that they didn’t have before; that they didn’t even know existed. Dr. Smith is a native Texan and received her Bachelor of...


Dr. Allison Orr OD, FAAO

Dr. Allison Orr is the newest optometrist to join the Center for Vision Development. She has always had a passion for helping people reach their full potential in life, and found a knack for diagnosing and treating functional visual disorders. Children, patients with brain injuries, and athletes are Dr. Orr’s favorite patients to assist, making CVD an ideal place to work. Dr. Orr received her Bachelor of Science degree in 2015 from Chapman University as an honored Presidential Scholar. She then pursued her doctorate in optometry at the Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University. She graduated...

What Our Patients are Saying?

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The Center for Vision Development in Austin

The Center for Vision Development provides innovative eyecare services to patients from in and around Austin. We offer vision therapy, myopia management, neuro optometry, sports vision and pediatric eye care services.

The team at The Center for Vision Development aims to provide the best possible solutions for every patient's needs. By utilizing the latest technologies and evidence-based treatments, we can ensure that each patient maintains optimal vision to lead the happiest lives possible.

We welcome new patients ... with the CVD smile!