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Jenna Arnold

Jenna Arnold
New Patient Coordinator, Myopia Counselor, Optometric Vision Therapist

Jenna graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Teacher Certification.

She always recognized how important body awareness is for brain functioning and wanted to integrate that knowledge into the classroom. She joined the CVD team in 2008 and saw it as the perfect opportunity to help guide and encourage children in a more personalized setting.

She moved to Dallas in 2010 and helped build a vision therapy department for a local Optometrist. That practice has now grown to be the main staple of vision therapy in the Dallas area and has great success with sports vision therapy.

Performing sports vision therapy truly gave Jenna the ability to use her dance background to find creative new ways to challenge the visual-motor system. It brings her great joy to see an athlete’s natural talents flourish once their vision and motility are communicating at an optimal level. It was during her time in Dallas that Jenna also developed a love for working with traumatic brain injury patients.

Being a part of an individual’s journey to regain parts of their life they thought might be lost rewarded her in countless ways. Jenna found that each patient changed and shaped her as much as she changed and shaped them.

Jenna married her college love Eric, and had three amazing children, Jaxon, Chase and Jordyn. At this time, she decided to become a stay-at-home Mom and put her all into showing them how loved they are each and every day. Having children helped her to understand so much more about the emotional side of parents whose children are struggling in school.

How much greater a parent can feel a child’s struggles than the child might be feeling. This brought her full circle in the ability to compassionately relate to the children, sports athletes, traumatic brain injuries and the parents.

When CVD contacted Jenna in 2022 and provided the opportunity to work with them on a virtual platform, she was ecstatic. This gives her the chance to do what she loves, which is providing a safe and encouraging space for those on their visual as well as whole-body journey.

While also allowing her the flexibility to be fully invested in her children’s lives.

How she sees it: “He that lives in hope, dances without music.”-George Herbert