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I do not have enough words to express how AMAZING this place is ! My son has high functioning autism spectrum disorder and recently he was diagnosed with having a visual impairment. Fast forward, two months down the road with just a few lessons/ therapies under his belt, he has become more confident and stronger in his academic skills. Dr. Orr has been terrific and my son warmed up to her immediately. The office staff is stellar; we have had a couple of family emergencies and they have been more than kind and accommodating in working around our schedule. They really believe is putting people first; you cannot beat that!
2 months ago
- Nazia K.
Visited for contacts Rx. Entire staff was incredibly polite and professional, especially one of the vision therapists who was an absolute pleasure to speak with. Eye exam process took as long as you might expect and ran smoothly until completion. Dr. Orr took the time to answer all of my questions and showed a great deal of care and consideration during the exam. Overall excellent experience.
2 months ago
- Alexander B.
When we noticed signs of our son’s worsening vision and strabismus, I was anxious and unsure about where to go. I researched many options and decided to begin with the Center for Vision Development, and I’m so glad I did - it became our first and last stop. The staff has been extremely knowledgeable and the therapist that worked directly with our son was excellent. I’ve felt supported and encouraged throughout the process, despite my initial anxiety and apprehension. I would highly recommend this center for all parents and families.
2 months ago
- Brittany M.
After a long frustrating search for help I was able to find Dr Smith and her team. I can't recommend them enough! Knowledgeable. Friendly. Efficient. Effective. It has been quite a journey for me and I'm grateful to have this amazing team on my corner. Thank you so much!!
4 months ago
- Eva R.
If you looking for a team to help with your vision needs, I highly recommend Dr.Orr and her exceptional eye care team in the center for vision development. They are very thorough in their evaluation, personable, always patiently answer all my questions, friendly, empathetic and incredibly supportive. They work with a lot of kids and adults in catering to their eye needs. I highly recommended them.
5 months ago
- Shobha G.
We discovered my daughter had severe vision issues after she had already started kindergarten. We were directed to the Vision Center and she has made great progress since starting vision therapy. While the vision therapy is a long commitment the Vision Center has been incredibly flexible especially (considering COVID issues ) in scheduling appointments. We’ve been successful in doing both in person and virtual sessions. Also, they have provided us the tools we need to work on this at home.
5 months ago
- Laura M.
Going to eye therapy at the vision center has quite literally changed my life. I went years trying to find relief for my constant migraines, car sickness and anxiety and they have managed to fix every symptom I was dealing with. I am so thankful I found them. Friendly staff, and always flexible and knowledgeable I would recommend them to everyone. Going to eye therapy as an adult many people might not think they will be able to be fixed. I am happy to say that they could diagnose all of my eye issues and work with me to solve each problem. Thanks again!
7 months ago
- Savanna H.