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Have never had binocular vision. Either eye can dominate. Eye refraction was always a struggle until I met Dr. Smith. Her patience has insured accurate lenses for my eyes
3 weeks ago
- George W.
i am so impressed with dr. denise smith at CVD. i just had the MOST thorough eye exam ever!! she definitely goes the extra EXTRA mile to make sure your exam and anything else that goes along with it is perfect and you are completely satisfied! she answered all of my questions and then some!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!
3 weeks ago
- kim w.
The entire CVD team was so awesome and welcoming! I went in for an eye exam and had a great experience with Dr. Orr. Highly recommend!
3 months ago
- danielle m.
This is something I really wish that is brought up when your younger or something thats advertised when you go for your routine eye check up. I spent years being told I had 20/20 vision but my eyes were always so fatigued at the end of the day. I thought it was computer work. Well at least at 32 years old I am taking advantage now and I can tell you 3 months in I have seen so much improvement. Going into the office or virtual the program is just fun. I swear even at 32 I feel like a kid when I go in and work on the eye exercises and there is always something new. Everyone is so kind and I have been working closely with Annie who has been awesome. As I mentioned I wish this was something my parents were told when I was younger but excited to be improving my quality of life now. So many things you don't think about are effected by vision. I have noticed my focusing on a task or reading has improved and funny enough my balance. Honestly didn't even consider it was related. so I would definitely recommend getting in here and having an assessment done and especially for the younger ones. Work on this now to help them out down the line
3 months ago
- John B.
Finally have hope for our son .. ! He has been having issues with any sort of mental work and we got a complete evaluation done with Dr Smith and just started vision therapy. The therapists and the front desk staff are amazing and friendly!
4 months ago
- Shefali S.
Such an amazing place! Dr. Orr and the rest of the team at The Center for Vision Development have been exceptional. They have helped a lot in helping me manage my double vision. Working with them is such a pleasure since they are all very patient and knowledgeable. What I really like about this center is that they treat you as a partner when it comes to your therapy. They take time to explain the science behind the different exercises, listen well to the patient, and adjust the exercises accordingly. I highly recommend this establishment!
4 months ago
- Nona P.
Doctors are thorough and spend lots of time getting to know the patient and full background. Staff very helpful with helping to navigate the insurance reimbursement process. Very kind and patient with all of my questions.
4 months ago
- Cheryl p.