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Over the course of 6 years, we have made made the 6 hour round-trip to CVD countless times. Dr. Smith & her staff have helped my now teen-age son in more ways than words can describe. With therapy and help from Dr. Smith, he has worked himself out of bifocals, daily headaches, illegible handwriting, balance issues, the inability to track moving objects, lack of peripheral vision, trouble reading, and so many more issues. His school and sports performance have improved drastically, as has his level of self-confidence. The entire staff has always been friendly, and eager to help us every step of the way. We are so grateful for the all that Dr. Smith & the CVD staff have done for us through the years, and thankful that we didn’t listen when educators and other doctors told us that the issues our son faced were just from being “young and immature.”
4 weeks ago
- Amy K.
Dr. Smith, Dr. Orr, the vision therapists and staff have been wonderful to work with. They have been so thorough in evaluating my daughter’s vision, educating me and communicating about everything from scheduling to specifics of the therapy programs. I would highly recommend the Center for Vision Development.
1 month ago
- katie s.
As an adult who has had four eye surgeries to 'correct' my lazy eye (amblyopia) I did not think vision therapy would be an option for me, but the exercises have really helped. I have seen a drastic improvement in my peripheral vision, my coordination, and eye control. My lazy eye's outward turn has lessened and become more centered and my eyes are learning to work together as a team. Cannot recommend The Center for Vision Development enough!
2 months ago
- Kelly
Our daughter began undergoing vision therapy with the team at The Center For Vision Development after a screening for kindergarten age children came back with some areas of concern. After a full exam with Dr. Smith we found that she was experiencing several visual processing, learning and memory deficiencies. These issues would likely have gone unknown until later in elementary school had it not been for the screening. We are so grateful that Dr. Smith was able to identify Grace’s challenges and develop a plan for healing and growth. After a little over a year of therapy Grace’s vision is improving in all areas, as is her confidence, balance, and frustration tolerance. It is such a blessing to have found Dr. Smith and her program when we did.
3 months ago
- Elizabeth W.
I want to highly recommend the Center for Vision Development in Austin TX. They have taken wonderful care of my daughter! Dr. Smith, Dr. Orr, Office Manager Tracie & Receptionist Katie have been the most wonderful, caring & above all expert team who have helped my daughter & my wife to address & handle my daughters vision issue at hand. I want to thank them so, so, so much for their expert help to my family!!! I highly recommend them as Vision experts!!!
3 months ago
- Ben H.
The Center for Vision Development has been a complete godsend. My 3 year old daughter has a bad left eye and myopia. We personally have seen Dr. Smith, Dr. Orr and a eye therapist (Marcella) they are the most understanding, professional and caring group I have dealt with. I have been to 4 different centers with little to no results on the severe condition with my daughter, CVD has given us the correct path and we will follow it to get the results we need. And Tracie the Office Manager is the BEST and sooo nice and has been nothing but helpful and informative. And CVD has the best receptionist in the world - Katie - she is the sweetest person ever and always makes us feel so welcome. This is such a hard situation to deal with as a new mom with such a small child, and I can’t thank CVD enough for their help in my daughters health and success with her eyes.
3 months ago
- Violet H.
Dr. Smith and her team are professional and helpful group. The CVD team's communication is excellent, they respond quickly by text and always friendly over the phone and in person. Our daughter is 5 years old and has been going to vision therapy for just about 6 months.  In just this short period of time, we have seen an improvement in her reading, writing and physical skills (balance, jumping, etc). We are grateful for everyone at CVD.
3 months ago
- Amamda R.