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In August of 2022, I had my initial vision evaluation at the Center for Vision Development. I had been studying for my licensing exam for approximately 2 years prior to attending this eval. I was struggling with vision fatigue, eye strain, encoding information and comprehension. It was an uphill battle to study for me. Prior to that, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia when I was 18 years and struggled academically for years. I was able to compensate and figure out ways to get through school. I ended up even going to graduate school and obtaining my doctorate in clinical psychology. The licensing exam was a whole other beast though! When I met with Dr. Allison Orr, I really had no idea what visual processing problems were. She was so kind and explained to me that the things that I struggled with can get better. This was a miracle to me because I grew up believing that it was a brain structural element and it wouldn’t change. I started vision therapy right away. The staff have been so incredibly kind, knowledgeable and encouraging. I started seeing real results after a month of vision therapy appointments. I noticed that I was able to read for longer periods, experienced decreased fatigue, decreased eye strain and comprehended the information I was reading way more effectively. It was amazing! My brain and eyes were changing in more efficient and effectively ways by doing these visions therapy exercises. I also recently passed my licensing exam! The visions therapy really did make such an impact on my visual processing problems. I’m 35 years old - so I was amazed to see that the brain really is plastic and we can correct patterns that do not serve us! I highly recommend The Center for Vision Development!
7 days ago
- Elise K.
My 2 boys (8 and 5) have seen huge improvements at school since beginning vision therapy with Dr. Smith! Their ability to read has skyrocketed since Dr. Smith has helped us address issues with their vision skills. We love this program and would recommend to anyone!
1 month ago
- Carla M.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Smith for over 10 years, she worked with me weekly as a young girl and I have so much to thank her for. To say vision therapy with Dr. Smith has changed my life is truly, truly an understatement. My grades were low in school when I was in middle school because I could not see the whiteboard to take notes on and was too embarrassed to tell anyone, and regular eye doctors were not able to help. Finally, I met Dr. Smith and after working with her, I was able to take notes from the whiteboard in my classrooms. This was only the beginning! Since then, I have graduated college and I owe so much of my success to her for giving me the ability to succeed in school (and to drive!). Trust me when I say, she is the real deal, and vision therapy with Dr. Smith is invaluable. I’m taking all of my children to see her, when that day comes!
2 months ago
- Rachel L.
Center for Vision Development is a God sent to our family. Coming from another country during the war was very challenging. We had such a hard time finding a doctor that would help our kids visual needs. My son's myopia was managed well without any changes for years and we were terrified being in new country to lose all the progress we've made. We are so grateful to Dr. Smith and her team for all the help and willingness to go far and beyond for us. She is an amazing doctor and a beautiful human being with a biggest heart. Thanks to the Dr. Smith and Center for Vision Development, my son can play water-polo being able to see a coach, a ball and just plain see the world around him. He is able to enjoy doing what he loves and loving every single minute of it. I will never forget his biggest smile after his first treatment. To have a luxury to see crystal clear is the greatest gift of all.
3 months ago
- Tanya g.
My daughter has struggled previously with confidence while reading allowed and had consistent fatigue when reading books. In her short time with Sophie at The Center for Vision Development she has seen so much improvement in both areas. She has also improved her letter grade in reading to an A.
3 months ago
- Natalie K.
The Center for Vision Development are the life savers. I have multiple kids in a program. I am happy to drive for an hour for an appointment, because there is no one I can trust more with my kid's eyes. Dr. Smith is not just prescribing your kids glasses kind of a doctor, but saving their vision one. She is very open minded, has a huge heart and always professional with a top notch knowledge. I am super lucky to find them. Thank you, Center for Vision Development. Our family appreciates you so much.
3 months ago
- Liubov K.
It's been great working with the team at the Center for Vision Development. They have been really helpful and communicative throughout the process. In addition to the wonderful therapists, the office staff has been incredible in helping us file out of network insurance paperwork.
3 months ago
- Michael J.