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Going to eye therapy at the vision center has quite literally changed my life. I went years trying to find relief for my constant migraines, car sickness and anxiety and they have managed to fix every symptom I was dealing with. I am so thankful I found them. Friendly staff, and always flexible and knowledgeable I would recommend them to everyone. Going to eye therapy as an adult many people might not think they will be able to be fixed. I am happy to say that they could diagnose all of my eye issues and work with me to solve each problem. Thanks again!
- Savanna H.
As an occupational therapist, I have referred several families to Dr. Smith for over 10 years. I have seen the benefits! So, when I had concerns about my own son, I knew exactly where to turn. As a mom, I’ve now had the pleasure of working with both Dr. Smith and Dr. Orr through the screening and evaluation processes and I continue to be impressed with their thoroughness and knowledge. They also provided information I was able to relay quickly to my son’s school to assist him across environments. I am excited for the progress that I know is to come.
- Nikki N.
I have found Dr. Smith to be very thorough, efficient, and personable. She takes plenty of time to answer questions and I feel like I’m in very good hands with her. The battery of visual tests in and of itself is pretty impressive, and I appreciate Dr. Smith’s thoroughness in comparing current results with older results and explaining changes. Highly recommended.
- Sharon D.
The Center for Vision Development has done wonders for my daughter! The doctors, therapists and support staff are always friendly and incredibly helpful. Silence is amazing with Sarah and we have seen huge progress!
- Amy H.
The staff at CVD are friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I have had a great experience and would highly recommend for your vision needs.
- William J.
Unfortunately for adults with amblyopia, strabismus, or other vision issues (commonly all lumped together and called a “lazy eye”), vision therapy is not typically mentioned as a treatment possibility. I asked eye doctors from the time I was 16 on if there was something that could be done for me, and I’m so thankful that - in my late 30s - one finally mentioned vision therapy. I immediately looked online and found The Center for Vision Development and am so thankful I did. I’ve gained some vision and muscle control in that eye, but I’ve also gained confidence with that awareness and muscle control. I would recommend vision therapy to any adult with eyes that don’t align or don’t work together - if you’ve been told it’s too late or that you had to catch it by eight years old, please come check out vision therapy to see if it could help!
- Stephanie C.
After trying all kinds of specialists and various types of therapists to help our son with his extreme anxiety regarding schoolwork in elementary and middle school, the occupational therapist suggested we try the Center for Vision Therapy here in Austin. Although his vision with glasses was normal, it turned out that they determined that his eyes were not tracking together when he looked at lines of letters on the page! No wonder he was struggling and deeply depressed about school. Throughout high school, he participated in therapy exercises at the Center for Vision Therapy which made a huge improvement in his ability to read and retain information. Before therapy, we had serious doubts as to our son’s ability to go to and succeed in college. However, thanks completely to the Center for Vision Therapy, our son proceeded to graduate with a BS from a major state university. Now, since he is also colorblind, we are about to return to the Center for some prescription Chromagen eyeglasses. Our family is eternally grateful to the Center for identifying our son’s problem and helping him overcome the eye challenges we had no idea he was struggling with.
- Laurel M.