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Below are just some of the lines we have to offer at The Center for Vision Development. Feel free to drop in and get the full shopping experience. Feel free to ask one of our opticians to help you pair the best-suited frame shapes with shape of your lovely face!

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Our therapist, Silence is patient, kind and very knowledgeable. She's been great with my son. Dr. Smith was very thorough in our initial evaluation and Dr. Orr was great with our follow up.
1 year ago
- Heather K.
We were with the Center for Vision Development for a couple years. Started out at the Austin clinic then moved to Waco since it was closer. Waco was great. We loved Silence! She knew how to get our son motivated to work, explained all at home activities very well, and just a great person to chat with. Our son had quite a few vision issues to overcome and she poured her whole heart into helping❤️. We have since graduated from vision therapy. I would definitely recommend The Center for Vision Therapy for any vision needs/issues you/your child may have.
1 year ago
- Allecia S.
Believe in the power of your neuroplasticity! Your brain and eyes can heal, strengthen, and improve with the help of this team. All team members are so passionate about helping others achieve their goals and are successful at doing so! There is hope after head injury, and I've seen first-hand the difference therapy can have on improving quality of life. I just completed my third progress evaluation and am so ecstatic about how far I've come in just 6 months of treatment!! Vision Therapy WORKS. It takes commitment and consistent practice, but it IS possible to build stamina and reduce symptoms. In addition, I was struggling with 3+ years of chronic light-sensitivity. Syntonics light therapy has made it possible to attend weddings, drive safely at night, and tolerate movies with flashing lights. Before CVD I thought I'd have to live with the light sensitivity for the rest of my life. Now, I know that there are tools available here to heal. I encourage you to take steps towards beginning your own healing journey at CVD!
5 days ago
- Sophia G.
I am so grateful that I found The Center for Vision Development! I have been walking around barely functional, living in chronic pain for the last 14 years. I have had chronic daily headaches, chronic migraines, and the last few years, horrible eye pain and fatigue. I had pretty much given up on finding someone who could help me until a friend had heard about The Center for Vision Development and she persuaded me to go check it out. Well, I am so glad that I did! Dr. Smith and her team are changing my life! I am getting better and coming back to life and I feel like me again! I am drawing, reading, writing, exercising and getting outside with my husband and our dog again. Everyone there is so caring and passionate about what they do. I feel so supported and cared for when I am there. Dr. Smith and her team are all so kind and knowledgeable. I love everyone there! I am seeing so many positive changes that I wasn't expecting and I am so thrilled. I remember walking into Dr. Smiths office 7 months ago, I was in so much pain and so depressed, I did not feel like me at all. I am not that person anymore... I am stronger, healthier, in less pain, and happy! I am more confident now and I know things will continue to keep improving with all my hard work and the care that I receive. Dr. Smith is a very special human being, you can tell how much she cares, how passionate she is about what she does, she goes above and beyond and so does her amazing team! Thank you to The Center for Vision Development - Thank you for who all of you are and Thank you for what you do!
3 weeks ago
- Dyane B.
Dr Denise Smith and her team are quite passionate about making sure your vision care is 100%. They are very thorough with treatment and evaluation of progress. Always happy to visit with the team.
2 months ago
- Leke A.
When my son was 4 years old , we saw one of his eye moving inwards a lot. We went with a pediatric opthamologist and they prescribed glasses for his strabismus. That did not help much and we were concerned if it will ever be fixed. The doctor even said if glasses do not help then we might have to think about surgery. I consulted with my eye doctor and I am so grateful to her for recommending Center for Vision Developent. It is the best investment we have made. After his initial assessment, we started the vision therapy. In six months we saw a vast improvement in his vision. It has been less than a year and no one can tell that he had stabismus. We have worked with all the therapists at CVD and they are all great. Each one of them is so knowledgable and amazing and always fully prepared for the sessions. They answer all my pestering questions with patience. My son loves going to in person sessions during the holidays. During the school year we do virtual sessions for which I am so GRATEFUL. We work with Silence during zoom sessions and she knows my son so well. She knows when he is faking it 🙂 CVD is an AMAZING place. The staff is very friendly and they are flexible in scheduling our ad hoc sessions. We love this place. It has done wonders for my son. I cannot recommend it enough. If your child has any vision problems, please visit them. You will be glad you did it.
3 months ago
- Shelly D.
I am very happy and relieved that I was able to find The CVD. I have been dealing with a very strange eye/vision issue for years without a clear diagnosis, and I’ve searched and tried many many things with no luck or relief. The CVD was able to take me through a comprehensive testing process and determine that syntonics paired with vision therapy could help relieve my symptoms. After 4 weeks of syntonics and 5 weeks of therapy I can report that my vision has improved dramatically. I can’t overstate how helpful the treatment has been as well as the professionalism of the entire staff. Being able to test, diagnose, and treat my issue has improved my quality of life dramatically and I am excited to keep progressing towards a full recovery. These guys have helped me find a needle in a hay stack and I am very grateful for them. If you have a strange issue with abnormal symptoms, I would highly recommend letting these guys check you out and give a recommendation.
3 months ago
- Drew G.
Dr. Brown, Dr. Smith, Mitzi and all the staff at the Center for Vision Developement are friendly, caring and knowledgeable. I am an older adult that has suffered from neck muscle issues since I had whiplash about six years ago. Physical therapy helped for a while but it would always come back. About nine months ago I had several very brief blurred vision episodes in one eye and also felt that my eyes were not always focusing together. I went to several doctors including two orthopedic and an ophthalmologist that told me everything was normal and they could not find anything wrong. I turned to researching online and found out about binocular vision dysfunction. After I asked my optometrist to check me for BVD and said I had it, he gave me Center for Vision Developement information. I was unaware a place like this existed. Dr. Brown’s in depth testing revealed that I had several issues. These are not tests that an ophthalmologist or an optometrist routinely perform. Therapy with Mitzi has been amazing. She answers all my questions and works with me to individualize my therapy and homework. I constantly get feedback and know what is improving and what I need to work on. It has only been 11 weeks but I can read longer without headaches which is a big improvement. My neck issues have almost completely gone. I still have a ways to go with the communication of my brain and my eyes. I am thankful that I was referred to CVD but wish I had found it a few years earlier!
4 months ago
- B.Y. R.
If your mind doesn’t believe you can heal, you won’t. I believe I can heal with the help these people offer. Shoutout Sophie!
4 months ago
- yasmin P.

Dr. Smith is great. She explains everything so we understand, listens to our frustrations and celebrates with us on each improvement. All her staff is amazing!

- Em G. - Google Review
Chic Eyeglasses in Austin

We know your favorite fashion accessory isn’t actually an accessory at all… it’s actually quite a necessity. For that reason, at our Austin optical, we have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles, functional options, and prices in sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses.

Family Wearing Superflex Designer Eyeglass Frames
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Family Wearing Superflex Designer Eyeglass Frames
Family Wearing Superflex Designer Eyeglass Frames